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Aaron Feinberg’s Art Gallery Opening in Hanalei.

Aaron Feinberg's amazing Kauai photography

A friend of a friend on the mainland emailed me this picture, asking if I recognized it...meaning the place. It is a wave breaking along the Napali. The picture happened to be taken by Aaron, a good friend of mine. Aaron is an amazing photographer. He has the ability to make light liquid and to catch that nanosecond of magic within a moment.

Well tomorrow Aaron is opening his first gallery at the Kauhale Center in Hanalei, "A Fein Photo Gallery". The opening is from 5 to 9 pm and there is a free gift for the first 50 people. Come on out and support my favorite photographer on the whole planet. aFeinbergPhotography

Update: The opening was a well-orchestrated affair with some serious pupus to go along with great music and of course Aaron's otherworldly images. "A Fein Gallery". The crowd was huge and enthusiastic. Dress was from beach casual to high heels and cocktail dresses. Aaron apparently knows just about every beautiful woman on the north shore, as they were all attending. The display of his craft was very well done and professional. Be sure to stop in if you get down Hanalei way. I guarantee his images will amaze you.

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