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Overlooking Hanakapiai Beach

on the Napali Coast Trail... next stop Kalalau
I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been hiking and camping along the Napali Coast on Kauai for the last 29 years. It is the most amazing terrain on the planet. Kalalau Valley, the destination of the 11 mile Napali Coast Trail, is a very sacred place, a land of magic and enchantment. The ancient Hawaiians knew this. The valley has incredible healing powers... it will bring out an innocent child's wonderment in the crustiest of curmugeons. The beauty will blow you away, the karmic co-incidences will astound you, and the land and waters will rejuvenate your body and soul.


This website is dedicated to 3 principles, the first and formost preserving the Napali for future generations. This goes way beyond packing out your trash and our basic respect for nature. The kama'aina (people of the land) need to keep a watchful eye on the state's handling of this irreplaceable treasure, and take action when necessary. We need to remember that we are the true stewards of our island. The government's goals and expediences are not always aligned with what is best for the land and the people. I truly desire for my children's children's children to enjoy this place as I have.


Perhaps it just as important to share the Napali experience, translate it and communicate the beauty and majesty of the land. Only a very tiny fraction of people on the planet will ever be blessed to visit the Kalalau Valley. But the entire world needs to know that this place does exist, that nature is bountiful, that earth hasn't forgotten about the abundant garden... and that we can make the entire planet bloom again. We can't keep this sacred place to ourselves any longer. Everyone needs to know that the world is still the magic place we knew as children.


Our third guiding principle is to enable those individuals who express their creativity and inspiration in the arts. When I arrived on Kauai's north shore, I was amazed and inspired at the natural beauty and magical changing nature of the landscape. I was also amazed and intimidated by the talented artisans here. Unfortunately, talent doesn't necessarily translate to success. We will promote the north shore artists (and other artists whose work is inspired by the Na Pali) on this website, with 80% of profits going directly to the artist.

As time goes on we will be adding artwork by a variety of Kauai's north shore artists... inspired by the incredible land we live in. Peruse our North Shore Art Gallery to see what beauty our island has inspired.  Most of the artwork on this website is available as signed and numbered giclee's, and on tee shirts, mugs and other products at the Kalalau General Store.