This website is dedicated to my Uncle Karlis

Uncle Karlis

This website is dedicated to my Uncle Karlis, who just turned 89 last week. From an early age, my uncle regaled me with stories of bold explorers trekking through steaming jungles, navigating wild rivers, and seeking out the unknown in the four corners of the earth... often weaving fact with fancy in a delicious tapestry that instilled a sense of adventure and discovery that still burns strongly in me today.

Karlis is an explorer himself, a wounded war veteran, he traveled through Africa in his youth. He took my brother and myself down the Grand Canyon as we drove across country... a special place he would often revisit. In later years he became an avid kayaker; plying the waterways of the Southwest, many years before it became popular.

He was always telling me stories, acquainting me with the classic adventurers, Sir Arther Conan Doyle's Lost World and Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, mixing in his adventures with the exploits of Captain Nemo and Professor Challenger in clever, interesting stories that always left me with vivid mental images and some interesting points to ponder.

In addition to being an inspirational artist, Karlis is also a very accomplished triathlete and has worked extensively in the animation industry... but that is another story.