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Hawaii’s DLNR Master Plan for the Kalalau Valley

The DLNR's plan calls for re-shaping the Napali Coast to make it safe for hiking and camping

Sources close to Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources say that the recently completed rockfall mitigation operation in the Kalalau Valley is just the first stage in a comprehensive master plan to make the state park safe for the public.

In addition to deciding to maintain the bathrooms again... finally, whew! and some much-needed trash mitigation, the state will make a renewed effort to keep the valley clear of illegal campers and illegally-grown crops with an increased enforcement effort, funded by camping fees. Garden Island Story

All this is well and good, except perhaps the rock mitigation. I mean I'm not a geologist, but the Napali coastline is eroding rapidly due to the pounding of winter surf and the wind and rain. Major rockfalls along the Napali are commonplace. The entire cliff could come down where they are knocking down those washing-machine-sized boulders. Anyway, the money's already spent and the deed's done, more or less. I guess they want to go back for more. I'd hate to find out how much this cost taxpayers. And so now I'm assuming it will be totally safe to camp under the cliffs? Click this link to see how the state is treating the magnificent sacred stones of Kalalau. Rockfall Mitigation Video

But that isn't all. The extent of the DLNR is literally a comprehensive re-tooling in the landscape. When our source informed us of the DLNR master plan, we collectively gasped. And when we saw the artist's conception, we were speechless. The state plans to remove all sharp edges and pointy peaks from the pinnacles behind Kalalau Kai so that campers will not be hurt by any sharp edges.

But we're just the messengers, you be the judge, let us know what you think...

The propsed master plan of the DLNR
Artist's Conception of DLNR Kalalau Master Plan
The above article is satire and not to be taken seriously, C'mon what's the matter with you?

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